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Welcome to the Newspaper Archives
The goal of Digitize Oconto County is:
• To preserve the history of Oconto County for future generations — one page at a time — as documented in the early newspapers
• To make Oconto County history and stories accessible to everyone online
• To make the newspapers searchable
We hope you will support this important endeavor.
Cost is $3.00 for a weekly issue.
Donations can be as small as $3.00 or as large as you wish. An example, to purchase all thirty-two (32) issues of the Union Farmer newspaper would cost $96.00
• You may wish to make a gift toward the project in any amount
• You may wish to make a contribution in memory of a loved one
• You may wish to sponsor a particular date(s)
Your sponsorship will be recognized with the issue or issues you specify. If it is in memory of someone, we will specify their name or organization on the newspaper. If someone has previously requested the desired issue, we will select one as close as possible to your dates.
For more information, please email us at digitizeoconto@gmail.com
To contribute to this project please click on the following link to obtain a printable donation form. DONATION FORM
This project was made possible with contributions from:
Oconto County Genealogical Society Friends of Oconto Falls Library Friends of Farnsworth Library
The ResCarta Foundation Oconto County Generous Individuals
In cooperation with:
IT Department, Oconto County Oconto County Historical Society Digitize Oconto County Members
This web site is a work in progress. It is our intent to add thousands of pages of Oconto County newspapers in 2018.