Simple Search

Simple Search performs a search of all text in all available digital objects for your search terms. Objects that contain one or more hits are listed in Search Results, ranked by relevance to your search terms.


Select All Collections or the Collection (where available) in which you want to search available objects. Enter the word or words you want to search for and click Search to find items in the ResCarta default field of Body Text..


Simple Search Page

You may select another  field to search other than Body Text by  using the pulldown listing and selecting an alternate field as allowed by your Web-Master.

Field Pull Down

Click the search button Search Button to continue with your simple search or click the Plus  button Add search term to add an additional search term.

When using multiple search terms you can connect the terms with  "AND", "OR", "NOT" and "NEAR"


"AND"  requires all the terms to exist in the object

"OR"  will find objects with any of the terms

"NOT"  will find objects with the first term but not pages that contain the first term and  the "NOT" term

"NEAR"  will find objects with the first term within five (5) words of the second term. ( You are limited to two terms currently with NEAR)


See the YouTube video for an example of using these connectors.


To maximize the effectiveness of your searches, review ResCartaWeb's Search Tips.


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